HoganLax Florida Team Training

Date: March 4, 2024 to March 24, 2024

Location: Boombah Sports Complex & Sylvan Lake Park

Event Type: Lacrosse

Contact: Elizabeth Caldarelli

Contact Info: ecaldarelli@greaterorlandosports.com

HoganLax provides developmental opportunities for lacrosse players and coaches through hosting and organizing tournaments, club teams, and team training. Team Training takes place in Orlando, Florida and allows entire teams to escape to sunny and warm Florida over spring break. HoganLax provides all logistics once you land in Orlando. The fantastic host Hilton provides meals and lodging, with the fields being only a short distance away. HoganLax will support scrimmages, games, practices, trainers and all other needs are provided. HoganLax staff will happily assist you in coaching your teams with the Coaches’ Coach feature, if that is an aspect of the trip you think may help your team develop and grow to its potential. For more information, visit HoganLax.com. MORE INFORMATION