Advisory Board Bio – Rich Tate

Rich Tate

Rich Tate

Vice President, Live Events, LMG

Rich has nearly 30 years of marketing and sales experience within the audiovisual industry. As Vice President of Live Events for LMG, Rich provides leadership, direction, and strategy for the LMG sales and support teams, ensuring flawless execution and client satisfaction.


Rich discovered a passion for problem solving at a very young age, taking his toys apart and try to put them back together. He would also modify spaceships and cars and action figures to give them new and awesome features that the toy companies could never have imagined. Whether playing team sports or enjoying the outdoors or participating in school extracurricular groups and activities, he always knew that a strong individual performance would contribute to the overall team result. As the son and grandson of life-long teachers, he has also had a tremendous dedication to learning. These basic tenets have always followed him through his life, and he has been able to successfully apply them to his career.


As a sales and marketing professional, his toys are now different but he still takes them apart, studies them and then innovates to make them better. He is proud to be leading the sales teams as they work to grow the company and build and maintain long lasting relationships with our trusted clients. His marketing and creative abilities are focused squarely on sales activities with an equally strong commit to further strengthening the overall brand.


Rich's goal is to always change the game he is in, and to provide the support and leadership needed to always have a successful result.