NCAA Division II National Championships Festival

Date: May 19, 2024 to May 25, 2024

Location: Orange County National Golf Center, Showalter Field, Boombah-Soldiers Creek Park, Sanlando Park

Event Type: Golf, Lacrosse, Softball, Tennis

Contact: Elizabeth Caldarelli

Contact Info:

Division II is the only NCAA division that conducts “National Championships Festivals,” Olympic-style events in which a number of national championships are held at a single site over several days. The concept was developed in the early 2000s as a way to provide student-athletes with a championships experience that exceeds what they normally would enjoy in their conference or NCAA postseason events. Division II staged the first festival in spring 2004 in Orlando. Since then, the festival has maintained its standing not only as an enhanced championships experience but also as a unique identifier for the Division II brand. The 2024 NCAA Division II National Championships Festival will include six national championship events across four sports: men's and women's golf at Orange County National Golf Center, women's lacrosse at Showalter Field, softball at Boombah-Soldiers Creek Park, and men's and women's tennis at Sanlando Park. MORE INFORMATION NCAA DIVISION II FESTIVAL HOMEPAGE